Yves Tumor – “Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood”

Yesterday, on Tuesday, February 28th Yves Tumor released “Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood”, the third single leading up to the release of Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds). An album name like no other is perfectly fitting for an artist who’s making music like no other. The album will be released on March 17th.

Surging guitar lines weave in and out, reeling the listener in as electricity sparks in the background. We hear a child’s voice say,

“Well, if you die, it’s okay, you could just restart
Yeah, that’s what it is”

Soft piano chords and glamorous vocals from Yves Tumor guide us through the verse as we’re told about a tale of love through intimately heartbreaking lyrics. The multiple mentions of color throughout the song also raises some questions.

“I met a boy with no head, told me his secrets
I looked into his eyes you know he was so pure at heart
For a moment we became each other
We found a love that made us slowly fall apart
I see the color red in so many places
This world feels so ugly when life makes a fool of us”


The track erupts into volcanic guitars that fire off atop blasts of distortion and static. It’s a magnanimous display of sound that we’ve all come to expect from an Yves Tumor track.

A section of soft strumming acts as a cool down from the chaos. The voice from the beginning comes back to say,

“I love the color blue because
It’s in the sky
And that’s where God is”

Following this, the guitar strums grow louder, coated in gain and framed in a new perspective with help from the beating of drums. Strange sounds that have been hiding in the track leap out in this final stretch; screeching and static decorate the scene. After spending enough time with Yves Tumor, you’ll realize that’s really everything that they intend to be. A scene. Their instagram bio even reads “Theatrical Play.” Finally, as the curtain falls, the track quiets down to give way for an ambient outro.

Stream the new single below.

The single also came alongside the release of a music video. Yves Tumor is a multi-media experience so if you like the track, be sure to give it a watch by clicking the link here.

The video features Yves Tumor singing into a rose. At the height of the track’s intensity, Yves Tumor and its band break into a frenzy as the camera flashes between cuts of each member playing. The interlude shows Yves Tumor playing guitar atop the apple in the cover art. The music video also features video clips of two boys in what seems like a flashback, almost as if it’s a puzzle to be solved. Maybe they’re the voices from the interludes?

Yves Tumor’s lead guitarist Chris Greatti rocking out in a sea of distortion.

Yves Tumor will be on tour soon and I can wholeheartedly say that they are the best live performance I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing like it so check out these tour dates to see if they’re coming close to your city.

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