Demo Leak: “Stranger” – Girls Know

Today I stumbled across this awesome leaked track called “Stranger” by Girls Know. The official release won’t be out for a while, but I got permission to share it here, so I’m telling y’all about it now! It kicks off with some rocking guitar veiled under a wall of static that provides a backdrop for vocals sung out of an old-timey radio—à la The Strokes. The track’s momentum pulls it through the verse into the chorus where it burns up into a cyberpunk guitar solo. What follows is a soundstorm of digitized flickering that almost seems reminiscent of Nuclear Daisies or Sunnbrella. It also utilizes some really cool vocal alteration effects that (circling back to Julian Casablancas) remind me of The Voidz. I thought it was a total banger!

Enjoy the leak below and stay tuned for the official release!

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