Who is Goth Lipstick? A review of crystalline corset + Elliott’s top 10 favorite songs in the discography

Somewhere within the realms of harsh noise, hyperpop, and acoustic ballads, Goth Lipstick thrives as the alias of Clementine and her friends, a talented and genre-bending producer who has made her mark on the California music scene and now stands poised to become New York’s newest star.

To see my top 10 tracks in her discography, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In this article, I will review Goth Lipstick’s debut album, crystalline corset. Created by the hands of Clementine & Paperface, the album, spans 13 minutes and 50 seconds, featuring a tracklist of 7 songs that each contribute to something so unique and memorable.

The album opens with “intro / crystalline corset,” a brief 11-second burst of digitized sounds followed by the project name pronounced in robotic voices. This intriguing introduction seamlessly leads us into the second track.

“catgirl goes to college” is a banger. Silly yet serious, it weaves an infectiously catchy hyperpop beat into an anthem for trans liberation. Despite its runtime of just under 2 minutes, this track leaves an unforgettable impression on the album as a whole.

“10 years” was the first track created for crystalline corset. Dark and experimental synths intertwine with Clementine’s whispers, evoking a sense of desperation and vulnerability as she peers into the looming future. The pulsating beat on this track is reminiscent of the boundary-pushing sounds found on Death Grips’ “The Money Store.”

Track 4, “transhuman,” takes the listeners to the skies as she sings:

“upload my brain onto a screen / pilot a human machine
transfer me into the cloud, I’ll exist in your dreams.
When I come back, don’t even think about it
my body’s perfect when it doesn’t exist, yeah.”

The track explores themes of trans-identity, soaring along electronica accompanied by Clementine’s captivating vocal melodies.

“synthetic girls” unleashes a whirlwind of superpowered synth blasts, like sci-fi lasers, creating an electrifying and high-energy experience. The juxtaposition of the pulsating synthesizers with Clementine’s hushed whispers adds a captivating contrast to the track, immersing listeners in a sonic tapestry.

“witch on a broom” injects yet another dose of breakneck speed into the album. Against the backdrop of candy-coated arpeggiators, Clementine delivers the enigmatic lines, “Lady Lacy looks so cool, I always show but I never wanna meet you.” This track further adds to the sonic variety and energy of the album.

In “past life / succubus,” a lively and sonically robust track, Goth Lipstick propels listeners through a three-and-a-half-minute industrial beat. Accompanied by Clementine’s computerized vocals, the song soars through a cyberpunk soundscape. The repeated lyrics, “I know there’s a way out,” echo with determination and resilience, culminating in a climactic moment where the way out is finally reached. The album gracefully concludes with a minute of ethereal synthesizers, signifying a sense of peace found in the journey’s end.

Goth Lipstick’s crystalline corset is a remarkable debut, showcasing her prowess as a producer and her ability to weave diverse musical elements into a cohesive and captivating sonic experience.

Fun Fact: “transhuman” is based off Geno from One Punch Man, “witch on a broom” is based off of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and “catgirl goes to college” is based off of Aqua from Konosuba (you can hear her say “Aqua” at the very end of the track).

In a wonderful interview with A GRRRL’S TWO SOUND CENTS that I’ll link here, Clementine unveiled how the album is split into 3 characters: the catgirl, the transhuman, and the witch. She remarks on how using these characters allowed her to detach while writing about more serious topics in the album.

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Stream Goth Lipstick’s crystalline corset below and support her on bandcamp! (she has a secret glitch pop project called “Blue Goth” only available on bandcamp)

As a fan, here are my top 10 favorite songs from Goth Lipstick’s discography, spanning across her career:

10. “carolynn” I paint you, I paint you, I paint you, 2022:

pixie dust and dream pop behind arpeggiated synths and pitched up vocals. light and airy; intimate and pretty.

9. “you go where i go” I paint you, I paint you, I paint you, 2022:

Clementine’s delightful acoustic guitar skills shine through in this heartwarming song.

8. “your house” I paint you, I paint you, I paint you, 2022:

ghostly vocals haunt acoustic strumming while synths shimmer in the background. the sounds alone are gorgeous but the lyrics push it over the edge.

7. “Faceless, Nameless” Formless, Shapeless, 2021:

this track blasts out the gate with a powerful rock beat and waves of flowing synthesizers at its back. As the soothing vocals intertwine, a serene ambiance emerges, only to be shaken by the explosive return of the rock beat and a fiery guitar solo. Yet, amidst the storm, a profound sense of tranquility takes hold, gracefully leading the track to its gentle conclusion.

6. “synthetic girls” crystalline corset, 2021:


5. “money hanger shoes” money hanger shoes (single), 2022:

this feels like a Death Grips track. This was also the first Goth Lipstick song that I ever heard and I instantly fell in love with the project.

4. “leaves” leaves (single) with Monkey and the Permavirgins, 2022:

a poignant composition reminiscent of the timeless Elliott Smith’s work. It captures a bittersweet sentiment and showcases the depth of Goth Lipstick’s songwriting. Shoutout MATPV.

3. “transhuman” crystalline corset, 2021:

the melody on this track is just such an earworm and I find myself spinning it over and over again.

2. “catgirl goes to college” crystalline corset, 2021:

my theory is that Temmie is the catgirl going to college /hj

1. “tarot card” I paint you, I paint you, I paint you, 2022:

one of the most beautiful songs that I’ve ever heard.

thank you for reading!

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