ULTRA PARADISE – Angel Electronics: A Dazzling Debut

In January of this year, Ada Rook and Ash Nerve, collectively known as Angel Electronics, unleashed their highly anticipated debut album, ULTRA PARADISE. This dynamic duo brings forth a unique musical concoction that they aptly describe as “brutal euphoria wave,” a sonic experience that engulfs listeners like a relentless surge of adrenaline. From the very first note, the album’s hardcore yet splendidly sweet aesthetic captivates, weaving together sugar-coated riffs and endearing lyrics with elements of harsh noise and screamo segments. Notably, Ada Rook, also recognized as one half of Black Dresses, injects a distinct edge into the nine-track project, further enhancing its enticing allure.

Setting the stage with unbridled intensity, the album opener, “WALL OF SUMMER,” delivers on the promise of brutal euphoria wave. The track cascades with unrelenting energy, immediately immersing the audience in the sonic realm Angel Electronics has meticulously crafted.

The enchanting journey continues with “ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS,” commencing with an ethereal, echoed voice uttering the words “Angel Electronics.” The song then envelops the listener in a blissful synth progression accompanied by rapid-fire drums and lightning-fast guitar work.

“Everyday the sun chases the moon.
Everyday I wish I chased you.
Wherever you are,
I think of you on these lonely nights.

I’ll tell one thousand and one perpetual love songs,
while a thousand and one stars fall from the sky.
I watch a thousand and one nights turn into birdsong.
I wish a thousand and one times that you were mine.”

Through poetic verses, the track explores the notion of missed connections, vividly portraying a multitude of yearnings for alternate outcomes. The lyrics beautifully liken their emotions to celestial bodies, painting a picture of longing as a thousand and one stars descend from the sky. As the song reaches its climax, the narrative circles back to that fateful night, leaving a trail of sparking static in its wake.

“SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES” enters with a marimba melody that seamlessly evolves into a fusion of power pop and shoegaze. The track effortlessly transitions between mesmerizing choruses and diverse phases, all while maintaining the enchanting marimba motif. The captivating vocal performances of Rook and Nerve leave a lasting impression, their infectious melodies intoxicatingly catchy.

With “ANGEL,” the spotlight shifts to wild guitar runs drenched in distortion and reverb, propelled by another “Angel Electronics” proclamation. The verses take on an anthemic quality, reminiscent of emo ballads, while bursts of digitized screamo eruptions provide a contrasting intensity. Ultimately, the track reconciles these divergent elements, returning to its saccharine vocal harmonies.

“PARTY GIRL” is a sweet sapphic song about a girl met at a party. The song gracefully oscillates between acoustic valleys and layered electric textures, showcasing Angel Electronics’ versatility. Rook’s endearing delivery of the lyrics, “I’ll be your date to all the parties of tomorrow,” adds an irresistibly sweet touch to the composition.

With “RETURN TO THE SKY,” the album takes an exhilarating turn, unveiling a futuristic industrial beat that blossoms into a magnificent tapestry of synths. Alternating between Rook and Nerve’s vocals, the track exhibits a dazzling display of guitar work, serving as a backdrop to the sonic panorama. Undeniably, this headbanger leaves a lasting impact, carving a path through uncharted musical territory.

As the album draws to a close, “RAINBOW” leaves a lasting impression, capping off this invigorating and captivating listening experience. The infectious catchiness exhibited throughout ULTRA PARADISE ensures that it will be on repeat throughout the summer months, an exhilarating soundtrack for warm nights and carefree days.

All in all, ULTRA PARADISE is catchy, relentless, and refreshing. The 9 tracks on this album all explore new and interesting ideas but circle back to the main themes and feelings of the album. I’m incredibly impressed by this project and I’m eager to see what’s next for Angel Electronics.


Support Angel Electronics on bandcamp and stream ULTRA PARADISE below!

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