The Backfires – “Joyride”

It’s been full speed ahead since New York based band, The Backfires dropped their newest single “Joyride” last Tuesday, on February 21st. The high-octane rock track kicks off with all engines a go as electrifying guitar riffs ride along swift drums and killer basslines. Alex Gomez takes the mic and begins to tell a story of a fast-paced romance.

The powerful pre-chorus is exhilarating, with lyrics harkening back to their influences in the Arctic Monkeys, while still adding plenty of their own “Backfires” flair to it. I hear a bit of “Arabella” in these lines.

“‘Cause last time / I took a dip inside / Your galaxy eyes / They warped and shined / As you streamed through my veins”

The band’s chemistry has never been tighter! The song features everything you’d need from a modern alternative rock act with its explosive pockets that Max Wanduragala tears through on the drums, wild guitar work from Harry Ruprecht, and deep grooves carved out on the bass by Matt Walter.

As we’re pulled back into the chorus, we feel the weight of the song come back at full force. From there, the band from both sides of the Atlantic fire off into a raucous finale complete with one of Harry’s lightning fast guitar solos.

If you’re a fan of indie rock bands like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Inhaler, Interpol, benches, or The Criticals, I’d highly recommend giving The Backfires a listen today. Check it out below.

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