Show Me Mary & Art Star: a shoegaze show in the middle of nowhere!

The Charleston DIY scene has found a new home in an unlikely land. In an undisclosed location, where echoes of toxic waste bloomed through the air, Show Me Mary and Art Star performed otherworldly sets, breathing new life into the Charleston music scene. Former Dawning member, Nate McKinley, laid down a stampede of drum beats with Art Star as they brought their band back into the limelight of the moon. This article also contains wonderful photography from Kushi Simmons, founder of @charleston__punks_ .

Show Me Mary performing “Ivy” at the bridge.

Show Me Mary played their self-titled EP start to finish. Released earlier this year, and cracking my top 25 releases of the year, the project takes the shoegaze band to stratosphere level skies that flow along beautiful gales of sound. “A Dream” rang out into the night sky. 

Art Star assembled to provide a firework display of a concert, launching a varied style of sounds out that all exploded into beautiful streams of guitar and powerful drums. The hardcore punkgaze band flexed their massive breakdowns as the show raged.

“I have two important things to say: 1. This space is awesome, let’s use it more. 2. Art Star is for the blokes.” – Art Star

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