Koi Child’s Self-Titled Masterpiece

Koi Child is an Australian psychedelic jazz rap group with only one release, a self titled masterpiece. The band consists of 7 members who all bring different ideas to the grand vision of the project. Koi Child formed in 2014 through the fusion of two bands: Kashikoi & Child’s Play. Released in 2018, the album runs 49 minutes with a tracklist of 14 otherworldly hip hop tracks. This is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to hear something “new.”

Koi Child is a front to back spectacle, boasting wicked fast wit from rapper Shannon “Cruz” Patterson (or “Cruzy P”) and wild moments of production from Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Track to track, this album feels so cohesive as it dips between nostalgic storytelling, illustrious jazz instrumentals, and psychedelic whirlpools.

“Grease” kicks off the album with smooth waves of jazz pushing the track forward in nonchalant fashion. The drums and horns that fill the sky of the track are glorious to listen to. The transition from “Grease” to “Wumpa Fruit” is a clean escalation that showcases seamless track to track transitions on the project. We also get the first taste of Cruz’s lyrical groove here.

“Oh you thought that was it?!” “Touch ‘Em” keeps the energy up with exciting hooks and banging horns. As Cruz spits on the track, he details tales of revelry to a raucous beat.

On “Slow One,” Cruz raps about his disappointment with the education system, growing up feeling like an outcast, and his struggles with systemic oppression. The track speaks on how art saved the young Cruz from a world he wanted to leave, a powerful message for any young artist to hear.

“Frangipani” is a wavy love song with reverb drenched vocals, somewhat reminiscent of the production on “Reality In Motion.” The track fades in and out of the foreground with it’s chorus taking the listener on a journey elsewhere each time it comes around.

“Adventures for the Capsule” is a trip back into the youth of Cruz. With a powerful back beat, we hear Cruz rap about how his life was and how he wishes for it to change. The concept is a simple story for a time capsule. He ends the 1:30 minute track with a quick line that perfectly fits the song:
“Signed, sealed, delivered, yours truly, yourself”

“Black Panda” blasts out the gate with a riveting start from Shannon “Cruz” Patterson’s rapping. As he drops lightning fast bars, the beat warps and wobbles, transforming the track. If you listen closely, you can hear Cruz drop the line “big ups to KP on the mix,” shouting out Kevin Parker on the production.

“Japes” is a masterful blend of every idea brought out in the album. With it’s 6:47 minute runtime, the longest on the album, the track takes the listener on a grand adventure through swirling synths and drawn out horns. The many phases of this track gives Koi Child an opportunity to show off their many faces, giving a final climax to the piece.

The album ends on “To Mangebong,” a quiet farewell that sends the listener off in a gentle sweep of horns.

From the warm and wondrous album art, to the deeply layered sounds that lie below it, this album is like a piece of magic to me. I couldn’t recommend it more. Take a listen below!

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