“kiss on credit” – sunnbrella

This new single from future-seeker sunnbrella has listeners soaring through computerized soundscapes on its 3 minute and 23 second runtime. “kiss on credit” is a product of David Zbirka’s vision for the next steps awaiting sunnbrella alongside glorious production work from Oliver Torr.

The track hooks with a momentous chorus, amazing the audience into a state of giddy euphoria. Next, it recedes in a digital escape- a lofi crawl through the dark soundscapes of sunnbrella’s subconscious. 

The lights all come on at once as the chorus hits and “kiss on credit” erupts in a beautiful shock. As the chorus comes back round, suddenly, we’re firing off on all cylinders- guitars blare through breakbeats while the vocals shine brightly atop it all. The ripping guitars scream loudly as shoegaze and electronica fuse into something fresh, fast, and fierce.

The lyrics depict forgone love through staticky vocals. Cyberpunk drums barrel in the background, mutated in tape reverb. All the while, engines whirr and electronics fizzle out in the track’s closing moments.

But it’s not necessarily over there. This song of the summer loops without a second thought. We can’t get enough of it and we’re sure you won’t be able to either. Check it out in the link below. 

but first check out this awesome music video.

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