Our Skies Smile – gingerbee (the world’s first beemo band)

Gingerbee is the world’s first beemo band, standing out from their roots as a 5th wave emo project. The band is a culmination of a digital songwriting collective over covid, with musicians hailing from, well, just about everywhere; the band consists of consists of Melody Sohani (Toronto), Dani Giguere (SC), Gustavo Nome (CA/Brazil), and Jordan de Graaf (Japan).

Their 6 track EP Our Skies Smile released on March 10th of 2023.

The band blends a myriad of genres in a beautiful way, fitting to be in line with other one of a kind 5th wave emo bands like glass beach. They self describe their genre as “Internet 5th wave emo bedroom skramz chamber pop chiptune band.” If any of those words sound appealing to you, check out their debut EP Our Skies Smile, available everywhere that streaming music is.

Our Skies Smile showcases a host of the band’s own personality in a short 14:47 minute runtime.

My favorite track from the EP is “We float together”, a track that uses its 4:01 to build up from cute chiptune synth work into a screamo climax lead in by a sample from the bee movie: “Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

Listen to them below!

They will be on tour with Your arms are my cocoon this summer, featuring Goth Lipstick as their guitarist. Be sure to catch them if you live in the areas below.

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