April Showers 2024: Sav Griffin, temptress, Hali Kai Cecilia Lujan, and Maraluso

Welcome to the third annual April Showers. This year we had the opportunity to collaborate with The Charleston Sound to bring a lineup of amazing fem singer-songwriters to a small but mighty backyard stage. Before we get too far into it, I wanted to thank Magnus Xiang for his amazing artwork on the poster design above. You can find his work on instagram @ magnuspng (his next poster design for the show this Friday is down below). Consider buying a print! All the proceeds go his way.

Now let’s get on with it!

Maraluso (ig: maralusomusic)

Mar opened the show with a set that stunned the Charleston Sound’s yard. As Maraluso, she wove her strings of gritty guitar lines and witty vocal lines, into a tapestry of intimate and honest indie rock, echoing longtold praises of Phoebe Bridgers and Amy Winehouse…

Photo by Anthony Prisco

Hali Kai Cecilia Lujan (ig: swansradio)

Hali Kai continued the fest with intricate guitarwork as she covered King Krule’s “Seaforth”, Ani DiFranco’s “32 Flavors”, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)”, and Haley Heyndrickx’s “No Face” (setting our next performer to tears). Her talents land her along the paths of Adrianne Lenker and Ichiko Aoba.

Not only is Hali Kai a fantastic performer, but she is a talented writer! Check out her 2023 album of the year review of Drive Home by Portraits Of Tracy here!

temptress (ig: insectlatex)

Alex Dee, as temptress, captivated the audience with chilling chords and cutting words, pulling out killer cuts from her January ’24 release: dirt-teen. Also within her set was a crowd-stopping cover of “we’ll never have sex” by Leith Ross. One of a kind.

Sav Griffin (ig: Savant.wav)

Finally, after a flight down from NYC, Sav was ready to take the stage for the first time in almost a year.

Sav began with her tried and true tracks that Charleston had waited patiently to hear once again. She threw in a few covers alongside her discography dive, giving us gems such as Sav’s own “The Other One” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.

Of course, a backyard show just wouldn’t be complete without Sav’s classic cover of “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes.

Her set was also a showcase of a numerous new material, debuting “Good Taste In Girls” (among others) to Charleston.

Photo by Anthony Prisco

OKAY! So that’s that for April Showers 2024! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event! Thank you to all the artists who made this so special! Thank you to Aubrie Paradise of The Charleston Sound for teaming up with us to bring April Showers to life downtown! Thank you to Kobi Ferrence for setting up a pop up thrift! Thank you to all the volunteers! And thank you to Magnus Xiang for the wondrous artwork! We hope to see you all next year!

OR… this Friday – at Stu’s House B)

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