Ten movies to watch for March 2024


The biggest film event of the month and easily the most anticipated, this sequel to 2021’s DUNE has already been receiving massive praise from critics and audiences alike, with comparisons being made to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This book adaptation is director Denis Villeneuve’s “lifelong ambition”, so to see both parts of the first Dune book (and likely a sequel covering DUNE: MESSIAH) is a once-in-a-lifetime cinematic achievement. Having seen the film, I can attest that this is simply one of the finest big-budget films there is, so make sure to check it out (in IMAX!) when it hits theaters on March 1st.


Also releasing on March 1st is the new French language film from Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung, following the relationship between a chef and the man she works for. Winning best director at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, the Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel starring film has been getting rave reviews ever since its premiere, with critics noting its sensual nature and opulent showings of food on screen.


The sophomore feature from director Rose Glass, her follow-up to 2019’s SAINT MAUD, follows Kristen Stewart as a reclusive gym manager who develops a destructive relationship with Jackie, a bodybuilder looking to head to Las Vegas to achieve her dream. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, this romantic thriller hits theaters on March 15th.


This new A24-distributed film from first-time director Julio Torres premiered almost a year ago at South by Southwest, but is finally getting a limited release on March 22nd. This surrealist comedy follows an El Salvadoran toy designer (played by Torres) and his time in New York City working for an eccentric artist, played by Tilda Swinton. Swinton is simply one of the best actresses working today, and with the film also starring RZA and Greta Lee, this film is definitely one to check out.


Sir Nicholas Winton is a hero. Through his efforts during WWII he helped 669 children escape the horrors of the holocaust by forming the children’s section of the British Committee for refugees from Czechoslovakia, before it fell under Nazi rule. You might know him from a clip of the TV program THAT’S LIFE, where Winton is asked by the host whether anybody in the audience was among the children who owed their lives to Winton, and if so, to stand. More than two dozen people surrounding Winton rose and applauded. This new film, starring Anthony Hopkins as the titular humanitarian, is a biographical depiction of Winton as he looks back on his life. Hopkins was personally requested by Winton’s daughter to play the role and has been receiving acclaim from not only critics, but also Winton’s son and one survivor. You can expect this film to hit theaters on March 15th.


The new entry into the found-footage genre of horror cinema follows the host of a fictional 1970s late-night talk show (played by David Dastmalchian), and a Halloween night episode where chaos ensues when he interviews a mysterious parapsychologist. Mixing practical and digital effects, this Australian film that Stephen King “couldn’t take my eyes off of” receives a limited release on March 22nd.


This Telugu language adventure epic (whose title translates to “Traveller”) was not on my radar until a few days ago, when I stumbled upon breathtaking images from its recently released trailer. The film stars Vishwak Sen as a wounded and reclusive Aghora on a quest to find the cure for his rare condition, to not experience any human touch. Filming for this film took 130 days (the average film shoot is 35-56) and included locations from the Himalayas, Varanasi, and Khardung Pass. Even though filming was completed in November of 2020, the film is finally scheduled to release on March 8th.


Described as “LEGEND OF ZELDA meets THE GOONIES”, this coming of age slightly fantastical feature film debut of Weston Razooli follows three children and their quest to find their mother’s favorite blueberry pie. Of course during this adventure they get kidnapped by poachers, have to battle a witch, and befriend a fairy in the process. This film, shot on 16mm, premiered at Cannes last year and is finally getting a (very) limited US release on March 22nd.


The new Neon distributed film from HAPPY AS LAZZARO and Oscar-nominated LE PUPILLE director Alice Rohrwacher follows a recently out-of-jail archeologist reconnecting with his crew of grave robbers and treasure hunters. This 1980s set Italian film, boasting a strong 86 score on Metacritic and a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, receives a limited release on March 29th.


Tired of festival-circuit art house films? Well, you shouldn’t be, but if you are then maybe try the new entry in Warner Brothers’s “MonsterVerse”, following the titular characters Godzilla and King Kong (NOT in a romantic relationship, as the title suggests) and their battle against a mysterious undiscovered threat hidden beneath the earth. Also starring Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry, this is a direct sequel to the perfectly adequate GODZILLA VS. KONG, which came to be a somewhat unexpected big theatrical and streaming hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Director Adam Wingard returns, previously known for his extreme horror films such as YOU’RE NEXT and BLAIR WITCH. You can expect this kaiju/monster film to hit theaters on March 29th.

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