Ten movies to watch for April 2024


The directorial debut feature film from actor Dev Patel, who stars in the India-set action thriller about an ex-underground fighter who gets revenge on those who robbed and beat him. This film has had a turbulent production, from moving filming from India to Indonesia, Patel breaking his hand filming the first action scene, and even Jordan Peele acquiring the film from Netflix to ensure a theatrical release. The film premiered last month at SXSW and will receive a wide release on April 5th.


The new film from French director Bertrand Bonello (NOCTURAMA, HOUSE OF TOLERANCE) is the director’s first dip into the sci-fi genre, as this film follows Léa Seydoux’s character as she is immersed in her past lives to purify her DNA. The film takes place in three different periods: 1910, 2014, and 2044. The film is getting praise for its slow, engrossing world-building and captivating imagery. It has also been described as “Tenet for gay people” by Letterboxd user @douglasgrnwd. The film will receive a limited theatrical release on April 5th.


Premiering earlier this year at SXWS, this light-hearted romantic film follows a woman who discovers certain songs can transport her back in time, literally. She used this newfound power to relive former romantic memories, which begin to clash with a new romance in the present. This one hits theaters in a limited release on April 5th before heading to Hulu on April 12th.


This is the second film from Malayalam director Jithu Madhavan, following his breakout horror hit ROMANCHAM, which grossed $8.3 million off a budget of only $240,000. Starring Fahadh Faasil, one of the best actors working today, this gangster film (which might be connected to ROMANCHAM?) will be in theaters on April 11th.


The new A24-distributed film directed by Alex Garland (EX MACHINA, ANNIHILATION) is set in a near-future dystopian United States fighting a second civil war and follows a group of journalists traveling across the war-torn country. This is A24’s most expensive film ever, carrying a $50 million budget, and according to Garland will be his last film, citing falling out of love with

directing. While most reviews have been positive, a lot of them predict the film might cause controversy when it hits a wide release, due to its prescient subject matter and perceived false advertising from the film’s trailers. Either way, we will find out when it releases in IMAX on April 12th.


This new biopic about the singer of the same name stars popular Punjabi singer/actor Diljit Dosanjh and is directed by Imtiaz Ali (TAMASHA, JAB WE MET). Chamkila was a wildly popular and influential musician in Punjab during the 1980s, and whose music was very controversial due to its subject matter. Unfortunately, he and his wife were killed in 1988, their assassination remains unresolved to this day. This film will hit Netflix worldwide on April 12th.


The new horror film from director duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (SCREAM 5 & 6, READY OR NOT) is a reimagining of the 1936 classic Universal monsters film DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, this time following a group of kidnappers who capture the child of a powerful Russian criminal. They soon realize what they thought was a normal 12-year-old is actually a vampire, and she begins hunting them down one by one. With directors with a solid resume and a unique premise, this will be sure to please horror fans when it arrives in theaters on April 19th.


First, David Cronenberg became one of the most acclaimed horror directors of all time with such films as VIDEODROME and THE FLY. Next, his son Brandon Cronenberg began directing equally critically acclaimed and disturbing horror films such as POSSESSOR and last year’s INFINITY POOL. And now, we have Caitlin Cronenberg (daughter of David) coming onto the scene with HUMANE. Originally a photographer (fun fact, she shot the cover of the Drake album “Views”), her first feature film takes place over one day and follows a family dinner in the wake of a global environmental collapse, and the chaos that ensues when the patriarch announces his plans to join the government’s new euthanasia program. Clearly not steering far from her family’s cinematic proclivities, you too can see just how messed up (complimentary) nepotism can take someone when this film hits theaters on April 26th.


Near universal acclaim has been rolling in for this little indie film ever since it first premiered in festivals back in September of 2022. This slapstick silent comedy follows a man and his quest to defeat hundreds, possibly even thousands of beavers who have been knocking down his apple trees. Critics are saying this low-budget epic is a masterpiece of homespun creativity, with jokes and gags flying at the audience at a rapid pace. Despite its slow rollout since its debut, this film hits local theaters on April 26th.


The new film from, let’s be honest, one of the best directors working today, Luca Guadagnino’s new film is the first to truly star Zendaya in a lead role. The film follows a tennis coach’s plan to break her husband’s losing streak, and the unexpected return of a player both once knew. Guadagnino is truly is a talent most take for granted, from the steamy drama of 2009’s I AM LOVE, the masterfully crafted romance CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, the twisted horror remake of SUSPIRIA, and 2022’s coming-of-age cannibal drama BONES AND ALL. To see a director successfully balance all of these different types of films with decent budgets is a rarity these days, so I have faith that CHALLENGERS won’t disappoint when it comes to theaters on April 26th.

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